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Five Psychological Symptoms of Addiction in Humans

Addiction is a serious illness that will completely dominate the mind of an individual. Unfortunately, we want to inform you that addiction is an illness that is significantly increasing everywhere in the world. And the major illness in that case is denial; nobody wants to accept that they are addicted to a particular thing—it can be alcohol, drugs, etc.—a harmful thing, in short. But there is nothing to worry about at our Rehab Centre in Pune; we offer a range of treatments that will help you overcome addiction. In this blog post, we will make you aware of some of the psychological symptoms of addiction.

5 facts about the psychology of addiction:

Human nature is mostly based on human psychology. Psychology will help individuals accept that they are suffering from a major illness called addiction. Human psychology will help in understanding the nature of different human beings. Now, we are going to mention five surprising facts about addiction psychology:

• Anxiety:

Anxiety is one of the physiological symptoms in your body when you are suffering from addiction. Addiction does not refer to alcohol; it can be drug addiction, cocaine addiction, or anything else that can harm you physically and mentally. At CareNext, our leading rehabilitation centre in Pune, we have a team of professionals who can provide you with the best treatments and therapies that will help you start an addiction free journey.

Anxiety can be best answered by the below mentioned symptoms:

• Rapid heart rate

• Excessive worrying

• Sweating

• Mood swings

• Tension

• Insomnia

• Restlessness and agitation

• Low self-esteem:

When someone lacks self-confidence, they are not sure of who they are or what they are capable of. People who are suffering from low self esteem are afraid of making decisions and socially connecting with others. Psychology says that addiction leads to low self-esteem in a person, making them feel unloved and useless. Low self-esteem is also a symptom that tells you that you are suffering from a deep addiction to something that is hurting you inside and out.

In that case, our deaddiction centre Pune comes in front to help you out and provide you with therapies and sessions so that you can gain your confidence back. Our team creates a friendly environment that will help you become socially active so that you don’t feel devalued. CareNext is always there to support addicts in overcoming their addictions.

• Negative perspective:

The next psychological fact about addiction in a person is that addicts always have a negative perspective about any situation. An addict has a mindset of always looking out for things with a negative perspective that can harm themselves and doesn’t allow themselves to be socially active. If someone cannot see anything good and believes that there are only reasons for sadness in this world, then they are doing everything wrong.

To live in this fast-paced world, one needs to find a reason every day to become happy but addiction can’t allow you to do that. Addiction is a very serious illness that needs to be treated soon; otherwise, it will be very harmful to a person. Our rehab centre in Pune has been treating and helping people get rid of addiction issues for more than 10 years. You can approach us about removing the addiction from your or your loved one's life.

• Loss of interest:

According to human psychology, one of the main characteristics of addiction in humans is that the person will lose interest in everything. Loss of interest in everything you used to do for happiness is one of the major symptoms that tell you that you are addicted to something that is not at all good for you and that you need our deaddiction centre Pune to get you treated. Being demotivated by the notion that there is no joy in the world makes this symptom particularly destructive.

Everyone has interests and passions, but for someone with these conditions, it can be difficult to rekindle those interests. The treatment programs at our rehabilitation centre in Pune can benefit you mentally and emotionally. Our team can provide sessions and treatments to regain your confidence and overcome your addiction.

• Depression:

Another major symptom of addiction that is defined by human psychology is depression. Depression is a very serious mental illness that will only make you sad every time and won’t allow you to become happy in any situation. Addiction is a very serious illness in itself and it can cause a serious illness in you like depression. When you are depressed, you might think about taking your own life and you might find yourself looking for reasons to be unhappy all the time. Depression affects all aspects of life and forces you to continuously overthink.


We have only mentioned five psychological facts about addiction but there are many more too. Human psychologists write very clearly about an addict's behavior so that people can relate to it and help someone who is an addict. Addiction is a very dangerous symptom that can kill you physically and mentally. If you are finding these symptoms in your loved ones or friends, then you have to approach a Rehan Center to help them. Visit CareNext, the best deaddiction centre Pune which will offer a range of therapies and treatments to support addicts in overcoming their addiction. Our team of professionals very well understands how to treat someone on a personal and mental level so that they can live in a friendly manner. Contact our rehabilitation centre in Pune through the contact details provided on our website. Reach out to us to get the best treatment to overcome addiction and live an addiction-free journey.

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