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10 Symptoms of Drug Abuse, Use, and Addiction

Addiction, whether to alcohol or drugs, is very dangerous for mental and physical health. Along with the addict, it is also impacting their family. Well, in that case, Vyasan Mukti Kendra will be quite beneficial and crucial. They will help addicts overcome their addiction and start a new, addiction-free life. Addiction becomes a habit that is not going to leave you easily. To overcome addiction and eliminate the signs of drug addiction, one should go to a drug rehabilitation facility. For Overcoming Addiction: A Comprehensive Approach at Our Rehab Centre is offered to patients to help and support them in their healing journey.

In our drug rehabilitation centre in Mumbai, we have a team of qualified doctors, nurses, specialists, and consultants who are always ready to assist drug addicts with their experience and knowledge. Our specialists are highly professional and skilled in treating drug addicts and helping them start a happy and addiction-free journey. In this blog post, we will explore drug addiction-related terms like symptoms and treatments.

What are the symptoms of drug addiction?

The symptoms of drug-induced are not limited, and it is not important that an addict experience all the symptoms. Understanding these symptoms is crucial to recognizing drug addiction early and seeking appropriate intervention and treatment. Some of the symptoms of drug addiction are as follows:


Delusions are one of the symptoms of drug addiction. In these symptoms, an addict basically experiences false beliefs that did not happen. It can be harmful to an individual to experience false beliefs. A drug rehabilitation centre in Mumbai can be beneficial and support you in overcoming drug addiction.

• Craving:

A craving is a strong and persistent urge to use a substance that can be brought on by a variety of stimuli, including social situations, stress, or environmental cues. It is difficult to avoid using drugs because they interfere with the brain's reward system, which causes a strong desire to repeat the pleasant effects.

• Loss of Control:

Being unable to control drug use is one sign of addiction. The compulsive nature of addiction makes it extremely difficult for people to cut back or stop using, even though they may have the best of intentions. They struggle to stop using the drug despite the negative effects. Our Vyasan Mukti Kendre is a leading provider of de-addiction programs and treatments and is always ready to serve addicts with our cutting-edge facilities.

• Tolerance:

With the continuous intake of drugs, the brain becomes less sensitive to the drug effects, leading to tolerance. As tolerance grows, users require higher doses of the drug to get the same results they did at lower doses when they first started. Due to this, drug use may spiral out of control in a dangerous cycle.

• Withdrawal:

When a drug causes physical dependence, stopping or cutting back on use can result in withdrawal symptoms. These side effects can differ from drug to drug and can include nausea, vomiting, anxiety, depression, insomnia, muscle pain, and in severe cases, seizures.

• Neglecting Responsibilities:

As addiction sets in, the drug becomes the main priority, and people may fail to fulfill their obligations at work, school, or home. Maintaining drug use takes precedence, which results in decreased performance and disengagement from daily responsibilities.

• Social Withdrawal:

Drug addiction can lead to social isolation as individuals and addicts spend more time on drugs. This bad addiction can also cause distance between an addict and their family and friends. This addiction will lead to social isolation and prevent an addict from being socially active. They may also avoid social situations to avoid scrutiny or hide their drug use.

• Continued Use Despite Harm:

Those who are addicted to drugs continue to use them despite suffering from negative effects like health issues, strained relationships, legal problems, or financial difficulties. Just because addiction is compulsive and interferes with rational judgment, this despite harm behaviour occurs.

• Loss of Interest:

As addiction progresses, individuals may lose interest in activities they once enjoyed, as drugs become the sole source of pleasure and fulfilment. Our Vyasan Mukti Kendra provides all the crucial treatments and programs to overcome addiction. We have a team of qualified doctors and physicians who will support an addict in getting rid of addiction completely.

• Mood Changes:

Drug use can cause severe mood swings, which can range from euphoria while using the drug to irritability, anxiety, or depression when not. Addiction can be financially draining because users may spend a lot of money to buy drugs, which can cause instability in one's finances and even legal problems.


We mentioned an introduction about the symptoms of drug addiction. It is not necessary that a drug addict experience all the symptoms; maybe some of the symptoms an addict will experience during their addiction duration. Addiction is a chronic condition that affects both the brain and behaviour, and it requires comprehensive and compassionate support to overcome its grip and achieve long-term recovery. In our drug rehabilitation centre in Mumbai, we offer a range of treatments to help addicts overcome their addiction completely. We are committed to offering treatment programs that will fit the expectations of addicts and help them start an addiction-free journey. We are available 24/7 with our top-notch de-addiction programs and treatments to support every addict in the best possible way.

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