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Dangers of Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Adolescents

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Today’s youth is plagued by many psychological difficulties and unfortunately, most find ways to cope with it by using alcohol and drugs. Adolescents often have been associated with drug and alcohol abuse. The age between 12 and 18 is usually considered adolescence. Adolescents are undergoing various mental, physical, and emotional changes during this period. This is the age when adolescents like to experiment with weird/recreational stuff. Research shows that adolescents are more likely to take risks than children and adults. This is because their brains are still developing and they haven't fully developed the ability to assess risks.

Signs of teen drug abuse

• Problems at school, including persistent tardiness, subpar performance, suspension, etc.

• Engaging in verbal and physical fights

• Back answering adult authority figures

• Sudden Mood changes

• Decrease in enthusiasm for favored hobbies

• Spending time and money in drug-related equipment

• violent conduct

• Withdrawal

• Depression

• Bad hygiene

• Missing money

Consequences of substance abuse

1. Poor performance in academics

Declining grades, being absent from school, not participating in co-curricular activities, and increased cases of school dropout are some of the problems associated with substance abuse.

Alcohol and drug-using teenagers may face cognitive and behavioral issues that affect their academic performance as well as their ability to learn.

2. Poor physical health

Adolescents addicted to drugs and alcohol experience declining physical strength and power. The health impacts of teen substance usage include varied physical symptoms and diseases as well as the effects of potential overdoses.

3. Involvement in accidents

Adolescents who are addicted to drugs and substances are more likely to get involved in car and motor vehicle accidents due to rash driving . Drinking and driving is a major concern in our country which results in a major number of deaths per year.

4. Brain damage

Teenage drug usage can cause severe mental illnesses or irreversible, permanent harm to the brain or neurological system. Teens who consume drugs are more likely to experience brain shrinkage, diminished learning capacity, amnesia and memory issues, poor thinking, perception, and intuition, and altered socializing.

5. Family crisis

Drug and alcohol abuse at a young age can cause serious problems in a family. It will lead to constant fights among the members of the family which results in broken relations.

6. Social and economic crisis

Substance abuse from a young age causes serious social problems. Drug and alcohol addicts often engage in stealing, gambling, and other social problems. This creates an unsafe environment for the citizens. If the youth of the country is wasting their precious years on alcohol and drugs, then the country faces a lot of economic losses as these children are the bright future of the country.

Prevention and cure

• In cases where counseling and talking are ineffective, medical assistance can be provided.

• One of the greatest approaches to handling problems of alcohol and drug abuse is counseling and education. Carenext rehabilitation center Pune offers the best professional counseling for adolescents suffering from substance abuse.

• Avoiding peer pressure could significantly aid in reducing these tendencies. People are more likely to seek assistance from family and friends because they are more emotionally connected to them. So, discussing these issues with our loved ones can help us come up with solutions.

• Many rehabilitation facilities have been established with the primary goal of assisting patients who abuse alcohol and drugs to exert control over their want to take drugs even when doing so will have harmful effects.

Youth are the building blocks of a nation. Today’s youth determine the success of a nation. That is why it is necessary to save our children from getting addicted to drugs and alcohol. Parents can play a vital role in ensuring that their children stay away from bad company and friends who encourage substance abuse. Talking to your child is one of the most effective ways to find out their sufferings and provide them with a solution. If that doesn't work, then you can reach out to the professionals rehab centre in pune at carenext where we use structured treatment approach based on scientific evidence under guidance of team of deaddiction specialists including doctors, counsellors, Psychologists, behavioral therapists & other holistic healing methods to cure substance addiction.

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