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Drug Abuse- Common Signs and Symptoms

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Drug abuse remains to be a growing and serious problem which is affecting the individual from different walks of life. It causes some disastrous effects on the physical, emotional and mental will be in of an individual. This is why it becomes important to recognize the early signs or warnings of the drug abuse and use the same to prevent the long-term consequences while allowing the individuals to get the needed help at Vyasan Mukti Kendra Pune.

Physical Warning signs

• Changed appearance- the drug abuse can cause some physical changes in an individual's appearance. They might either lose the weight in a very rapid manner or might have dishevelled hair or an unkempt appearance. Some might even develop dark circles or bruises or sores on the skin.

Impaired coordination or slurred speech- drugs have the capability for impairing the ability of an individual to speak or to co-ordinate the movements they make. One might face difficulty in speaking clearly, or they might slur the words or have stumbled walks.

Bloodshot eyes and constricted or dilated pupils- there are certain drugs that can cause the people or individual to become constricted or dilated. It can even cause difficulty in focusing and bloodshot eyes.

• Changes in sleeping pattern and appetite- with the use of drugs, one will have sleeping habits and an altered appetite. The individual might not be able to sleep as they do usually. So, keep an eye.

• Needle mark or injection uses evidence- individuals might inject drugs and therefore, they might have the needle marks on the legs, arms or any other part of the body. One can even find them with syringes and other drug paraphernalia. This can get any time out of control and it is recommended to connect with Vyasan Mukti Kendra Pune on time and get the needed help to our loved ones.

In case of drug abuse starts early, it might change the developing brain and can increase the risk of becoming much more addicted to the drugs. Cocaine, opiate or amphetamine are some of the medications which can be a stimulant for forming a quicker addiction. Even injecting or smoking the drugs while continuing to use them might increase the chance of addiction. This is why finding the early signs and taking action by getting one at Vyasan Mukti Kendra will be the right choice.

Behavioural warning signs

Lying or secretive behaviour- the drug users might become secretive, and they might start to lie for covering up their drug use. It might be possible that the events start to hide the drug paraphernalia. So, keep a close eye and seek the needed help if needed.

Erratic behaviour or mood swings- individuals abusing drugs will have altered moods and conduct. They will become much more moody, irritable or aggressive and might even have some erratic behaviour that, with time, will continue to affect your life too. This is why it is advisable to take action before it is too late.

Withdrawal from friends or family- individuals abusing drugs can start to show withdrawal symptoms from friends and family, and they might start spending much more time alone or with their new friend groups.

Changes within job or performance at school- changing individual jobs or impacting the school performance by allowing scores to suffer, it must be looked into.

Involvement within risky behaviours- with the drug abuse, one can move towards legal problems and some risky behaviours, and they might start driving while they are intoxicated, or they might even start to steal or do any other unlawful activities which they must not.

Selling possession- individuals abusing drugs might start to experience financial troubles, and they might start to sell their belongings or ask their friends or family for some financial assistance. To stop them right there will be the best move.

It becomes important to understand behavioural and physical indications of drug use. In case the situation does not seem to be handleable, it is better to see professional health through Vyasan Mukti Kendra. Proper supervision offered will help out.

Psychological warning signs

Delusion or hallucination- certain drugs can cause an individual to experience illusions or hallucinations. The drug user might either hear or perceive unreal things and hold the untrue beliefs.

Aggression or agitation- drug use can cause the individual to become aggressive or agitated. They might get easily irritated or even lash out at other people.

Changes in social behaviour- the drug user withdraws from social situations and will start to avoid family and friends while they exhibit signs of isolation.

• Losing interest- one might start to lose interest in activities they used to enjoy previously, and they might even neglect responsibilities at school or work.

• Depression - even though many people turn towards drug for coping with depression or their negative feelings, drug abuse exacerbate either the existing symptoms or might bring in new ones like the feeling of worthlessness, suicidal thoughts and hopefulness.

Final Words

Drug abuse, it can bring different effects on the individual. We might not like to see them suffer, but sooner we start to lose options. In case such a situation arises, please do not give up because they are victims there and you can offer them the best help by connecting with Vyasan Mukti Kendra where one can seek professional help.

CareNext Institute of Psychological Health, as a Vyasan Mukti Kendra Pune is one of the best places where they have experienced physiotherapists and psychiatrists who will be able to help your loved ones to get the needed help for being drug-free. At CareNext Institute of Psychological Health, one will be able to receive uncompromised care with customized plans and, with the successful recovery rate the organization has, be assured of maintaining complete confidentiality and privacy. Further, once the treatment is over, there is also post-treatment health support available if needed. So, why wait? Connect today to get the needed help.

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